Warm air heating

Warm air heating

Johnson & Starley's WarmCair range of warm air heaters tick all the boxes. With a host of energy saving features and intelligent electronic controls they will warm your home for years to come.

Offering typical fuel savings in the region of >28% on older models and with increased thermal efficiencies of up to 25% the benefits of a WarmCair heater over any other warm air heater are outstanding. 

Available with or without domestic hot water and the option to add additional radiators or underfloor heating there is a model to suit almost any existing installation.

For more information have a look at our upgrade option here.

Looking for instant hot water but still retaining your warm air heating?, then the QuanTec boiler and Aquair package is a very versatile and popular combination. Take a look at our Aquair heat interface units to see how this could benefit you. 

Why not add one of our ‘Cleanflow’ electronic air filtration systems to your new heater. Silently cleaning the air within your home the 'Cleanflow' filter will remove tiny particles such as pollen, mould and cigarette smoke down to 1 micron.

Johnson & Starley Warm air heaters will work on a 20% blend of hydrogen and natural gas.  This capability has been required by law since 1996 and is not something new. 


Warm air heating

Available warm air heating range ...

Why choose Johnson & Starley?

Johnson & Starley have been manufacturing warm air heating since 1922. With such a wealth of knowledge it puts us ahead of the competition and enables us to remain at the forefront of the industry. 

Benefits of a Johnson & Starley  heater that you wont get from any other make.

  • WarmCair range available with or without domestic hot water
  • Condense pump included in cost
  • Electronic air filtration system option
  • Built in clock
  • 100mm flue allowing for easier installation
  • Concentric flexible flue (single pipe)
  • Top closures for 'slotfix' installations. 
  • Will fit on existing plenum
  • 5 year guarantee*
  • Manufactured in the UK


for more information please email us at: info@johnsonandstarley.co.uk