Central Extract Ventilation.

SAP Appendix Q Listed

Central Extract

The CE range of Central Extract Ventilation units offer the perfect solution for modern ventilation requirements. Using the latest fan technology, which includes EC Low Energy Fans, they are quiet in operation and economical to run. The range includes models suitable for the small apartment up to the larger house with extract rates up to 300M/hr.

The intelligent design incorporates many features as standard, such as balancing dampers, filters and fan speed controller. All units are fully wired with a 2mtr flying lead to connect to the mains supply. Additional controls can easily be connected for extra boost switching.

Controlled Mechanical Ventilation

Accurate management of ventilation extract rates is essential to remove the correct amount of stale air and maintain a comfortable environment for the occupants.

The Johnson & Starley CE range includes a commissioning panel for the installer to set normal and boost settings. When the system is balanced and fan speeds set, it will run at those minimum and maximum settings without further adjustment by the user.

CE300P Fan Speed Controller

The fan speed controller is delivered attached to the unit, but can easily be sited at a convenient position for the occupant to boost extraction rates when required. The fan speed can also be boosted from any remote switching, i.e. internal light switch or humidistat.